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In the Style of Lu Zhi (1496-1577)

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3.000 € - 5.000 €


6.500 €


China, dated 1567, ca. 17th ct.
30,9 x 240 cm
One Hundred Deer. Ink and colors on silk, mounted as handscroll. Signature by the artist at the end of the scroll: “In the first decade of the eighth month in the first year of the Longqing reign (1567) painted by Baoshan Lu Zhi at the age of eighty one (=1576).” Two seals of the artist: “Baoshanzi” (under the signature), “Lu shi Shuping” (at the beginning of the painting). Six collectors’ seals.
From an old southern German private collection, acquired between 1970 and 2002
Uncounted deer in large crowds are strolling besides ragged mountain cliffs and wild streams. Mushrooms of longevity are growing everywhere and an enormous old juniper tree is towering at the midst of the composition. Beside it a beautiful white deer is standing out from the crowd. By the Chinese th e deer is believed to live to a very great age and has therefore become an emblem of longevity. Its horns are made into medicine for prolonging life which is sold very expensive to the wealthy. The painting would thus have been a perfect birthday present for a high aged noble person. Lu Zhi, style name Baoshan, was considered the best painter of landscapes and flowers in Suzhou after Wen Zhengming (1470-1559). This nice and interesting painting is of later date, maybe from the 17th century.
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