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22.000 €


China, Qianlong four-character mark and period with additional character yuan
D. 8,3 cm
Cloisonné in the form of earlier bronze prototypes were used profusely during the Qianlong period (1735-1796) as trios of incense burner, container, and related tool caddy, known as luping sanshi in Beijing. Besides the typical reign marks, they often carry an extra character from the Thousand Character Classic, an ancient indexing system Chinese used since as early as the Tang dynasty (618-907). It contains exactly 1000 and non-repeated characters, hence was found to be versatile and efficient in indexing libraries and collections, including the Imperial Collection.
From an old Austrian private collection, in the family since the early 20th century
Compare related cloisonné enamel seal paste boxes and covers, Qianlong marks with additional character and of the period, in the Qing Court Collection, illustrated in Compendium of Collections in the Palace Museum, Enamels, Cloisonné in the Qing Dynasty 2, Beijing, 2011, pp.312-313 and 315, nos.247-250 and 253
Wear inside to gilding