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Lot *76


Estimated Value:

10.000 € - 15.000 €


12.000 €


China, iron-red Guangxu six-character mark and period
H. 45,5 cm
Decorated with the 'Hundred Deer' motif, depicting deer and their young, grazing, gamboling and resting in a lush landscape, amidst pine and peach trees, lingzhi, and a meandering stream flowing through blue-shaded rock formations from high mountains in the distance. A pair of gilt-highlighted coral-red deer-head handles flank the shoulder
Old European private collection, assembled before 1965
The 'hundred deer' motif was very popular as the landscape depicted contains important symbolic references. The subject of deer has a long history in Chinese art as it refers to the rebus where the Chinese word for 'deer' is a homophone for 'emolument' or 'civil service salary'; the 'hundred deer' therefore represent the ultimate success, a career in government service in Imperial China. The deer is also associated with Daoism and the Star God of Longevity, Shoulao, while the inclusion of peaches and lingzhi fungus in the decoration is further symbolic of longevity. As such, the subject-matter on the present vase alludes to a multitude of auspicious connotations.
Very minor wear, hairline above the stand