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2.000 € - 3.000 €

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Outer Mongolia, 19th c., the head 20th c.
H. 70 cm
The head of this altar sculpture is a recent, iconographically correct, though somewhat oversized addition. The former Mongolian owner made a statement about it: This deity was his personal protector, whom he revered greatly and made many offerings to her. On the occasion of the political turmoil and anti-religious persecutions, the figure was deprived of its original head and destroyed. In order to continue to satisfy his religious needs, the owner "revived" the deity by having a new head made. During the period of hostility to the faith, the owner then hid this figure in a cave, where he continued to worship his protector in her revived state, and offered sacrifices to her. Thus, this impressive sculpture is a cultural-historical object of memory, and example of respect and devout piety. Wood, pigments and gold.
Important German private collection, collected in the 1970s and 80s, mostly acquired at Schoettle Ostasiatica, Stuttgart.
Head replaced, very minor damages due to age, traces of age

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