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Tibet, 17th c.
65 X 48,5 cm (o.M.)
The centre is occupied by Buddha Amitabha seated in vajrasana on a lotus-base placed on an elaborate throne painted with a pair of peacocks to its front, both hands in dhyanamudra supporting the alms-bowl, wearing monastic garment including a patchwork mantle, his face displaying a serene expression, Amitabha is placed within a fenced terrace of the three-roofed Sukhavati palace at the Western Paradise, two groups of various lay worshippers are flanking him as well the white Padmapani and the blue Vajrapani, each corner with a Buddha scene, all placed seated in a fenced terrace and surrounded by mainly kneeling disciples, the reverse with mantras in the Vartula and dBu-med script, in brocade mounting.
Important German private collection, assembled in the 1970s and 80s, some bought from Schoettle East Asian Art, Stuttgart
Partly minor restoration and minor damages due to age

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