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1.000 € - 1.500 €


1.000 €


South-India, 17th-19th c.
H. 10 - 14,5 cm
Including Durga defeating the buffalo-demon, four-armed, wearing skirt, bejewelled, her face displaying a serene expression with almond-shaped eyes; the second representing Krishna dancing on a the serpent, with his right hand holding the butter-ball while the left grasping the tail of the snake, wearing short skirt, bejewelled and his face displaying a serene expression; and the third depicting a form of Shiva and Uma, his four arms radiating around his body, wearing dhoti, bejewelled and his face with serene expression and beard framing his chin.
From a Franconian private collection, assembled between 1970 and 1995
Minor wear due to age, partly slightly chipped