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Lot 239


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6.000 € - 10.000 €

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China, Zhou dynasty
B. 20,5 cm
Food offering vessel, the inner surface with remnants of pewter coating, which could indicate that it had already been in use as a cooking and food vessel before it served as a sacrificial vessel in the ancestor cult. It shows Zhou-period decorative elements, which were rare in this combination. The three squat, flared legs each bear two upward-swinging, transversely-divided flanges on the outside and two U-shaped ornaments with a hemispherical elevation in their center; these are equally rare on vessels of the Zhou period.
Important Austrian private collection, acquired in the 1990s
Publ. Zeileis: 'From Shang to Qing - Three and a Half Millennia of Chinese Bronze', 1999, no. 46, pp. 142-143
Small corrosions, wear

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