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Lot 274


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600 € - 1.000 €

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China, Warring States period
L. 17,3 cm
The body of the belt hook consists of a triple fluted shaft, at the front end of which, after a smooth transverse groove, sits a large, plastically formed mask, while the smaller mask at the other end merges into the hook proper, which in turn merges into a small dragon head. The button at the back sits, as was usually the case at the time, at the transition from the first to the second third of the shank.
Important Austrian private collection, acquired in the early 1990s from E. & J. Frankel in New York, according to information from an old New York private collection, collected in the 1920s
Publ. Zeileis: "From Shang to Qing - Three and a Half Millennia of Chinese Bronze", 1999, no. 130, p. 338
Small repaired break below a mask

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