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Lot 1844

Magic Diagram of the God Hanumān

Estimated Value:

500 € - 800 €

Hammer Price:

850 €


Rajasthan, ca. 18th c.
69,5 x 56 cm
The Hindu god Hanumān is originally the leader of a monkey army mentioned in the ancient Indian epic Rāmāyaṇa. He assists the hero Rāma in freeing his consort Sītā from the grip of a demon and is one of the most popular deities of modern Hinduism. The diagram (Sanskrit: hanumānyantra) shows the monkey-shaped god with a crown and several arms. The body of the god and parts of the image area are filled with text. Besides sacred syllables and mantras, these are hymns and invocations in honour of the god.
From an important private collection in northern Germany, collected mainly in India from the early 1950s to the 1980s - Published at the Tantra Exhibition, Tokyo, 26.11. - 8.12. 1979, catalogue no. 110 - Damages due to age, mounted

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