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Lot 198a


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8.000 € - 12.000 €



China, Ming dynasty or earlier
Yellow-toned paper, comprising a Daoist sutra of ‚Taishang Tianzun‘, three versions of the a sutra with Dharani ‚fo dingxin da tuoluoni jing‘ above Guanyin (two versions incomplete) and a sutra ‚fo shuo xiao niepan jing‘. Both Buddhist sutras were written by a Chinese monk in the name of Indian Buddhism during the Tang dynasty. Later in China, such local sutras were called ‚weijing‘ (forged sutras) and destroyed starting Property from the late Tang dynasty. However, the ‚fo dingxin da tuoluoni jing‘ was still popular up until the Ming dynasty due to its explanations of magical guidance as well as its function as a tal isman of Guanyin to ensure unproblematic childbirth.
Old and important European private collection - Partly with small damages due to age