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Lot 211


Estimated Value:

900 € - 1.500 €



China, ca. 1600
14,5 x 45 cm
Calling for the Ferry. Fan Mounted as Album Leaf, ink and light colors on gold paper. Signature by the artist: „Cen Kai“. Two seals of the artist: “Private seal of Cen Kai” (Cen Kai si yin) etc. Two collectors’ seals.
Old and important European private collection, assembled before 1930 and between 1950 and 1980
A scholar with his servant carrying books on a pole is calling for the ferry under a steep cliff. The boatman is stalking his boat through the waters towards the two men. The fine painting shows a scene of spring with a blossoming apricot tree and a willow in fresh green. The figures are depicted extraordinary fine and vivid. Unfortunately the painting shows wear.