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China, dated 1842
17,8 x 52,6 cm
Autumn Moon over the Han Palace. Fan Mounted as Album Leaf, ink and colors on gold paper. Inscription and signature by the artist: „Autumn moon over the Han palace. In the eighth month in autumn of the renyin year of the Daoguang period (1842) painted in the style of Zhao Qianli (Zhao Boju, died ca. 1162) for the respectable friend Jianbo, Li Qing“. One double seal of the artist: “De”, “Yu”.
Old and important European private collection, assembled before 1930 and between 1950 and 1980
Li Qing, style name Deyu, was a landscape painter from Yangzhou. He was especially known for his landscapes in the blue and green style and his fine depictions of architecture. This fan painting in brilliant colors shows his perfect virtuosity in this style. On the terraces of the multi stored palace buildings palace ladies are gathering and viewing the full moon which is depicted in opaque color high above the scenery, just to the right of the inscription. On the lake a blue dragon boat and a red phoenix boat are meeting, seemingly celebrating the festival of mid autumn. On a high terrace in the background a golden statue is collecting the dew of the night and the fantastic rocks of the imperial gardens are shining in an extraordinary bright blue. This painting is of an especially fine and nice quality