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Lot 239

WANG SU (1794-1877) attr.

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2.000 € - 3.000 €

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China, dated 1855
169 x 44,5 cm, R.
Still Life with Vases, Plum Blossoms and Fruits. Hanging sroll, ink and colors on paper, framed under glass. Signature by the artist: „In the third month in spring of the yimao year (1855), Xiaomei Wang Su“. Two seals of the artist: “Xiaomei”, “Zhuli zhuren”.
Old North German private collection, purchased in the 1970s in China
Wang Su, style name Xiaomei, was a painter of figures and flowers in Yangzhou. He mainly followed the style of the famous Yangzhou painter Hua Yan (1682-1756) and often wrote long inscriptions and poems on his paintings. His few dated works date from 1823 to 1869. This scroll is probably a new year’s picture depicting blossoming flowers, a scepter of fulfilling wishes (ruyi) and even a cactus. He was also a noted carver of seals in the style of the Han dynasty