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Lot 289


Estimated Value:

8.000 € - 12.000 €



China, Liao dynasty
B. 27,5 cm
Modelled in the form of a reclining lion, the head turned to the left and resting on the front paws, the artfully curled tail wrapped around the left leg, the animal bears a flower-shaped resting surface.
German private collection, acquired from Günther Venzke. Copy of the TL analysis commissioned by Günther Venzke is available, dated 06 September 1987. A TL analysis by Oxford Authentication (C123a94) confirms the dating
For a similarly modelled Jin Dynasty tiger pillow see The Museum Of East Asian Art, Bath, inventory number h441144 and compare a sancai-glazed pottery pillow of related design illustrated in color in the catalogue of the 1984 Osaka exhibition, Chinese Ceramic Pillows from Yeung Wing Tak Collection, Osaka, 1984, p. 56, no. 107, described on p. 211 - Very slightly chipped