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Lot 1175

SHIBATA ZESHIN (1807 - 1891) attr.

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1.500 € - 2.500 €


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Japan, late 19th c.
54,1 x 29,3 cm
Ox and boy tying his sandals. Inscribed and sealed in gold: Zeshin. Lacquer (urushi) and a little blue on paper, mounted as a hanging scroll. Wooden box, inscribed on the lid: Zeshin ō hitsu keidō no zu (picture of a herding boy painted by the old man Zeshin), on the reverse of the lid signature of the expert: Kakakuan Chikushin senhei dai 司寛庵竹真 筌并題 and seal (= Shôji Chikushin 荘司竹真, 1854-1936).
Assembled from an old German private collection since the 1950s
Enclosed a photocopy from an auction catalogue of the collection of the famous politician Tsuzuki Keiroku 都築馨六 at the Tokyo bijutsu kurabu on 16.3.1925. Lot 86 is not the present hanging roll - Wear, tracss of age