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A Choise of Highlights

February 20th - 21th 2013

Video of the cabinet functions

A highly important Biedermeier silver mounted, parcel-gilt and ebonised, walnut and cherrywood bureau cabinet with a rotating interior, signed Georg Fischer, Vienna, 1816/17. More than 50 compartments, many of them as secret drawers.

Provenience: Old private collection. Expertise by Prof. Dr. Hans Ottomeyer, Berlin, 2013.

Abraham Brueghel
(1631 - 1697)

Still Lifes with Fruits
(a pair)
65,5 x 49 cm

Prof. Federico Zeri, 1998

A splendid pair of French ormolu mounted tables

Louis XV style
2nd half 19th ct.

Léon Jean Basile Perrault
(1832 - 1908)

Portrait of a Young Lady
92 x 69 cm

Francesco Galizzi called Francesco di Girolamo Santa Croce

The Mother of God and
Saint John (a pair)
50 x 120 cm

Expertise: Prof. Dr. Filippo Pedrocco, Venice 2013

Gian Paolo Panini
(1691 - 1765)

Alexander the Great and
the Gordian Knot
90 x 73 cm

Prof. Ferdinando Arisi

Lit.: Ferdinando Arisi, Gian Paolo Panini e i Fasti della Roma del’ 700, Roma 1986, p. 309, no. 166 with repr. of the painting at hand

M. Cipirassi, Two boys with dog

signed and inscribed
marble, H. 77 cm

Cf. Panzetta, Nuovo dizionario
degli scultori italiani dell'Ottocento
e del primo Novecento, vol. I, p. 284, fig. 510

Marzio Masturzio
(active Naples, 2nd half of 17th ct.)

Cavalry Battles
(a pair)
47 x 96 cm

Prof. Giancarlo Sestieri, 2008

Jean Tassel
(1608 - 1667)

The Holy Family
40 x 40 cm

Lit.: Henry Ronot, Richard et Jean Tassel. Peintres à Langres au XVIIe Siècle, Paris 1990, p. 239, no. 31a and plate 44b with repr. of the painting at hand

Abraham Breughel (1631 - 1697)

Allegory of Autumn
134 x 98 cm

Prof. Ferdinando Arisi

Domenico Mondo
(um 1717 - 1808)

Madonna with Christ Child
60 x 80 cm

Jean Baptiste Lallemand
(1716 - 1803)

Italianate Landscape
90 x 65 cm

Jacopo Alessandro Calvi,
gen. Il Sordino
(1740 - 1815)

Saint Luigi Gonzaga
147 x 138 cm

Bartolomeo Arbotoni
(1594 - 1676)

A Larder Still LiIfe
130 x 94 cm

Ferdinando Arisi

Wilhelm Trübner
(1851 - 1917)

View of Heidelberg
Oil/canvas 59 x 77 cm

Since generations in an important private collection

inter alia Professor from the collection of local sculptor Adolf von Donndorf (Weimar 1835 – Stuttgart 1916)

A rare Biedermeier mahogany Lyra Etagere, c. 1825.

A table clock with day and night dial, c. 1815, Prague.

A Neoclassical mahogany daybed, France, c. 1850, stamped “ROLL a PARIS”

Ludwigsburg, painted by Queen Charlotte Mathilda of Wurttemberg, signed CM and dated 1815

Probably the mare Helene personal horse of King Frederick I of Wurttemberg

A William III silver cooler, London, 1698, John Martin Stockar

A Baroque barber set with box, Middle of 18th century, Tortoise-shell and silver

Frans Roubaud

Circassian Horsemen crossing a River

Oil/canvas, 73 x 122 cm, signed

A tortoise shell and gold snuff box,
Paris, 1784/89, charge mark of Henry Clavel II

A fine coffee and tea service with battle scenes,
Meissen, middle of 18th century

A fine enamel jar and dish,
Vienna, late 19th century

A George IV silver vase and cover, London,
1827, Rebecca Emes und Edward Barnard I

A fine Art-Déco necklace, Germany,
c. 1920 White gold, emeralds, diamonds

Jacob de Heusch (1656/1657 - 1701)

Coastal Landscape with resting Soldiers.

60 x 97 cm

Francesco da Ponte detto Francesco Bassano il Giovane (attr., 1549-1592)

The Annunciation to the Shepherds

133 x 186 cm

A suite of six very important Neoclassical chairs, c. 1800.

Two splendid Rococo canapes, Italy, 18th ct.

A fine venetian lacquered cabinet, 17th ct.

A rare Italian gemmed Pietra Dura casket, Florence, late 17th ct.

A pair of French white marble groups emblematic of night and day Late 19th century, after the models by Mathurin Moreau (1822 - 1912)

Height 118/125 cm

The Flagellation of Christ Danubian, around 1520.

Relief panel, 74 x 44 cm

Magnificent Renaissance basin Probably Venice, around 1500.

Istrian limestone, 48 x 65 x 65 cm

Cf. Capital of pilaster in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London, museum no 1857-1892

CBody of Christ Italian, around 1720

Boxwood, h. 57 cm

A gold brooch by Nicholls & Plincke, St. Petersburg, c. 1880

Work master mark of Samuel Arnd

Jules Moigniez (1835-1894)
Asian horseman chasing a tiger

Bronze, H. 72 cm

Johann Friedrich August Tischbein (1750-1812)

Portrait of a young Lady

33 x 26 cm

Fede Galizia
(studio, 1573/74 - after 1630)

Judith with the Head of Holofernes

122 x 90 cm

Lit.: Flavio Caroli, Fede Galizia, Turin 1989, fig. 43 and p. 90, cat.-no. 43.

Flagellation of Christ
Augsburg, second quarter
of 17th century

Limewood, h. 29 cm

Franz von Stuck (1863-1928)

Signed „FRANZ VON STUCK“ Foundry seal “C. Leyrer München“ Bronze,
h. 65 cm

from an old Stuttgart
private collection

A fine Biedermeier parcel-gilt and ebonised walnut etagere, Vienna, c. 1810.

A splendid Empire richly marquetried mahogany table, Vienna, c. 1800.

An Empire firegilt bronze surtout de table, Vienna, c. 1800.

An extraordinary Rococo carved and polychrome painted mirror, Lombardy, 18th ct.

A Baroque pair of carved and giltwood console tables, Lombardy, 18th ct.

A rare Empire painted and parcel-gilt table , Tuscany, c. 1810.

A large Empire ormolu mounted, carved and ebonised mahogany console table, in the mannor of Bernard Molitor, France, 1st third 19th ct. Belgium granite top. Rest., minor damages

Five Neoclassical brass inlaid mahogany chairs, probably Gottfried August Pohle, Vienna, c. 1810/15. Additional one replica.

A fine and splendid set of firegilt bronze candelabra, Paris, c. 1790.

A Baroque bronze mounted ebony, tortoise shell and ivory cabinet, Italy/Napoli, 17th ct.

A Rococo polychrome painted encoignure, Venice, mid 18th ct.

A fine Neoclassical encoignure, Johannes Klinckerfuß, Stuttgart, um 1800.

An elaborate Baroque Chatelaine, Central Europe, middle of 18th century

Silver, gold, rubies, diamonds and other stones