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A Choice of Highlights

September 10th 2013

Antique Bergama rug, Westanatolia,

17th/18th ct.

Khotan carpet with coffered-Göls and Yün-Tsai-T’ou mainborder

Eastern Turkestan, 18th ct.

A Great Esfahan carpet from the Collection of Prof. Dr. Manfred Fürst in the bailiwick house of Hallstadt

(photo: Fürst/Gaasch/Waschka, Das Hallstadter Vogteihaus, 2002)

An Esfahan rug depicting the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Iraq – central Persian “jail rug” with inscription and dated 1339 (= 1921)

An Hamadan room sized carpet from Castle Aschbach, it has been there since before 1930 in the property of the noble family von Pölnitz.

Chelaberd „Eagle-Kazak“ with one medallion,

Caucasus, 19th ct.

A long rug patterned with four arrow pointed medallions (= no. 23 in: Brüggemann/Böhmer, Teppiche der Bauern und Nomaden in Anatolien, 1982)

Ladik area, Central Anatolia, 19th ct.

Fine Suzani silk embroidery from the collection of the acheologist Friedrich Wilhelm Freiherr von Bissing (1873-1956)

Uzbekistan, 19th ct.


East Turkestan, 19th ct.

Karaja carpet with red medallion-cartouche on a white field

Northwest Persia, late 19th ct.

Ada Milas prayer rug, West Anatolia, 1st half 19th ct..

Tabriz silk prayer rug depicting a “tree of life”

Northwest Persia, late 19th ct.

Chaudor Chuval (= Nr. 226 in: Jourdan, Turkmenische Teppiche, 1989) from the Dr. Werner Loges Collection of Turkoman Rugs

Turkmenistan, mid 19th ct.

Salor Chuval from the Dr. Werner Loges Collection of Turkoman Rugs

Turkmenistan, 1st third 19th ct.

A white Qashqa’i medallion rug

South Persia, 19th ct.

Bergama, Westanatolien, 19th ct.

Ottoman, Caucasian, Persian and Indian weapons from an old private collection.

Safavid cut steel panel with calligraphic inscription

Persia, 17th ct.

Turkoman jewelry from old collections