721 | Rugs & Carpets, Ethnographic Art
A Choice of Highlights

March 24th 2015

Tekke Animal Tree Asmalyk, Turkmenistan, 18th/19th century,
91 x 140 cm

Ushak Lotto-Carpet, Westanatolia,
16th/17th century,
154 x 111 cm

Animal carpet with a cartouche border, probably India, 17th/18th century, 279 x 145 cm

Pinwheel Kazak, Caucasus,
late 19th century,
260 x 196 cm

A Transylvanian/Siebenbürgen prayer rug, West Anatolia,
circa 1700,
163 x 123 cm

A fine Senneh Kilim with silk warps and colorful Farangi-Gul pattern, West Persia, late 19th century, 198 x 123 cm

Tekke main carpet with long kilims, Turkmenistan, 1st half 19th century, 280/246 x 198 cm

Alpan Kuba, 2nd half 19th century,
266 x 110 cm

Erzurum prayer kilim,
East Anatolia, 19th century,
183 x 135 cm

Heriz medallion carpet, Northwest Persia, late 19th century,
404 x 315 cm

An Ottoman appliqué with silk
and metalthread embroidery and patterned with a cup of flowers
in a mihrab with lamp,
Banja Luka, the Balkans,
probably first half 19th century,
196 x 129 cm

Antique glass from a
south German private collection.