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A Choice of Highlights

13th September 2016

A Kirman Laver Masha'ir design carpet, depicting important
historical figures

South East Persia, 1900 circa
320 x 216 cm

An early Tekke Kapunuk

2nd third 19th ct.
108x88 cm

Publ. in W. Loges ,Turkmenische Teppiche' From the collection Moritz Hillebrand

A large embroidery with ships

Silk on cotton
Anatolia/Greek Islands, 19th ct.

150x150 cm without frame
From a South German private collection

A silk Kashan Mohtaschem of rare format

Central Persia, late 19th ct.
336x240 cm

A rare metal brocaded silk rug

China, 19th ct.
280 x 187 cm

From the estate of a Czech diplomat.

A metal and silk brocaded Koum Kapi Silk Rug, Toussounian

West Anatolia, Early 20th ct.
200 x 128 cm

A rare pair of embroidered Tekke-Asmalyk

Turkmenistan, 19th ct.
68 x 149/67 x 147 cm

Early Koran section

North Africa or Southern Spain,
probably 13th/14th ct.

A rare metal brocaded silk rug

China, 19th ct., very well preserved
220 x 127 cm

A Yomud Tent Band (detail)

Turkmenistan, c. 1880
1140 x 34 cm

An unusual prayer rug

Southern Caucasus, 19th century
172 x 88 cm