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Giacomo Piazzetta
(Pederobba 1640 c. - 1705 Venice)


Published in:
Andrea Bacchi, Giacomo Piazzetta e l'intaglio veneziano di influenza lecourtiana, S. 453-473, fig. 12, in: Laura Magnani/Daniele Sanguineti (Ed.), Scultura in legno policromo d'eta barocca, Genoa 2017.

A very fine silk Qum "Jamshidi" carpet

Central Persia, c. 1970s

340 x 250 cm
(approx. 11'2'' x 8'2'')

Benedetto di Bindo

(Siena c. 1370 - Perugia 1417)

The Virgin with Christ Child

Tempera on gold ground/panel
With an Expert report by Dr. Federico Giannini

48 x 32,5 cm

A Renaissance cabinet with exceptional trompe l oeil panels, c. 1560/1570, walnut

Property from South German nobility

Flagellation Group, German, 17th ct., bronze

A rare series of c. 125 Gothic floor tiles of museum quality, German 15th/16th ct.

Literature: Eleonore Landgraf, Ornamentierte Bodenfliesen des Mittelalters, 1993, Musterkatalog, fig. L5, p. 420.

A Baroque tower clock

Augsburg, c. 1700

Provenance: Property from a Dutch private collection

Virgin and Child Enthroned

Central Italy/Umbria, late 14th century

h. 110 cm
South German Private Collection

Early Netherlandish School

(C. 1530/40)

The Adoration of the Magi


69 x 56 cm

A table clock

Inscribed Giuseppe Garzoli Roma 1792

Provenance: Property from a Dutch private collection

An extraordinary cabinet mirror

Workshop of Vhristian and Gustaf Precht

Sweden, c. 1725

A life-size altar figure, probably Saint Maurice, Erasmus Kern (Feldkirch - after 1650), c. 1640/1650

A Bijar carpet on wool chain

West Persia, c. 1930

388 x 286 cm

From private property, South Germany

Standing bishop and St. Martin

Work of the so-called "Benedict-master", Hildesheim, c. 1525

Published in: Schuttmann/Ferdinand und Gert v.d. Osten, Niedersächsische Bildschnitzerei des späten Mittelalters, Berlin, Deutscher Verein für Kunstwissenschaft, 1940, p. 50, plate 35, p. 34-41

Giuseppe Nogari

(Venice 1699 - 1763)

Portrait of a Singer in a Dark Dress with Fur Trimming as Half-Length Figure


70 x 56 cm

A Gothic iron chamber clock

Vorarlberg/Austria, 16th ct.

A pair of courtly Neoclassical ormolu mounted mahogany chairs by Johannes Klinckerfuss (1770-1831), Stuttgart, c. 1825.

Virgin Mary and St. John the Evangelist Mourning

South German, c. 1500

South German Private Collection

A splendid night clock

Rome, 18th ct.

Provenance: Property from a Dutch private collection

A Kazak long rug

Caucasus, c. 1900

296 x 101 cm (approx. 9'7'' x 3'3'')

South German private property

A fine Rococo console

Probably Salzburg, c. 1765

A Bracket clock

Inscribed Matthew Hill London

Provenance: Property from a Dutch private collection

Gherardo Poli

(Florence c. 1675 - Pisa after 1739)

Ceremonial Parade in Florence on the Piazza della Signiroia with Palazzo Vecchio and Loggia dei Lanzi


58 x 88 cm

A fine Biedermeier table cock with organ in form of a tempietto

Austria, c. 1825

Provenance: Property from a Dutch private collection

An extraordinary Rococo bureau cabinet

Probably Workshop of Thomas Hache, Grenoble, c. 1760

Virgin and Child

Late 15th century

South German Private Collection

An opulent Louis XV pendule with console

Inscribed GORET A PARIS, 18th ct.

Provenance: Property from a Dutch private collection

A pair of Neoclassical display cabinets

South Germany, late 18th ct.

Nicola Grassi

(Formeaso 1682 - Venice 1748)

The Finding of Moses


50 x 72 cm

The Annuciation

Bavaria/Upper Austria, c. 1520

South German Private Collection

A large Louis XV pendule with console

Inscribed Vidal L Aine Paris

18th ct

A cast iron swan-shaped garden bench

Probably USA mid 19th ct

Frederik Christian Lund

(Copenhagen 1826 - 1901)

At the Roman Forum with the Arch of Septimius Severus and the Columns of the Temple of Vespasian and Titus

Oil/canvas, signed and dated 1882

50 x 70 cm

Saint Hubert

Upper Swabia, 15th century

South German Private Collection

A fine Empire ormolu mounted mahogany secretaire a abattant, France, c. 1815

Joost Cornelisz. Droochsloot

(Utrecht 1586 - 1666)

Peasants Making Merry

in Front of a Tavern

Oil/panel, signed

44 x 60 cm

St. Bernard

c. 1420/30

South German Private Collection

Baroque Vermeil Tankards from a North German Collection

Gdansk, Koenigsberg, Hamburg, Breslau i.a., 2th half of 17th century

Standing Figure of a Saint

14th century

South German Private Collection


Tilman Riemenschneider and workshop
Wurzburg, c. 1520

Expertise Dr. Albrecht Miller

St. Barbara and St. John (?)

Mid-German, Thuringia, c. 1500

Munich Private Collection

Joost Cornelisz. Droochsloot
(Utrecht 1586 - 1666)

Hustle and Bustle on a Village Street
Oil/cradled panel, monogrammed and dated 1647

45 x 60 cm

A pair of porcelain dishes with the coat of arms of José Maria da Fonseca de Evora (1690-1752), Bishop of Porto

Porcelain: China, East India Company, 18th century.

Master of the Fridolfing Altar (circle)

Salzburg, c. 1490

St. Catharine
Munich Private Collection

A reimported Sarough carpet

West Persia, c. 1920

798 x 430 cm (approx. 26'2'' x 14'1'')

Property from the former Evangelische Kreditgenossenschaft eG, Kassel

A pair of Baroque silver candelabra

Strasbourg, c. 1770
Jakob H. Alberti

Property of a South German noble family

Julius Helfft
(Berlin 1818 - 1894)

The Doge's Palace and the Piazzetta seen from the Grand Canal
Oil/canvas, signed and dated 1866

58 x 77 cm

Big Neoclassical Porcelain Vase

Ludwigsburg, c. 1815
H. 78 cm

Present from King Wilhelm I of Wurttemberg to General Julius von Hardegg Familiar property until today

Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli, called Il Giampietrino (attr.), c. 1495 - 1549, active in Pavia and Milan

The Virgin with Christ Child and Saint Joseph, Oil/canvas

66 x 53 cm

With an expert report by Emilio Negro, Milan 2015

Big silver an ivory figure of a herold

German, c. 1900
H. 63 cm

A wool and silk tapestry

Flemish, c. 1700

351 x 258 cm (approx. 11'5'' x 8'5'')

Acquired in Paris in 1955, since then in family property in Germany

Important jewelry from private properties

Decorative bone centerpiece with
48 flower pots

19th century
D. 28,5 cm

A Kashan carpet

Central Persia, c. 1940

448 x 348 cm (approx. 14'5'' x 11'4'')

Private property, South Germany

Daniel van Heil (attr.)
(Brussels 1604 - 1662)

Extensive River Landscape in Winter

81 x 108 cm

Miniature model of the St. Sebald "Chörlein" from Nuremberg

C. 1900

The original chancel of St. Sebaldus, constructed before 1361, is today located at the Germanisches Nationalmuseum

Julius Weyde
(Berlin 1822 – Szczecin 1860)

Two Young Ladies Taking Care
of a Lost Girl.

Oil/canvas, signed and dated 1853.

80 x 70 cm

A Yazd carpet

South Persia, c. 1920

370 x 267 cm

Since the 1920s property of a South German manufacturer's family.

Russian Silver Wine Cooler from the Dowry Service of Grand Duchess
Olga Nicholaevna, later Queen
of Wurttemberg

St. Petersburg, 1840,
Carl Johann Tegelsten

Private Collection Stuttgart

Franz Roubaud
(Odessa 1856 - Munich 1928)

Cossacks Raping a Woman
Oil/canvas, signed

83 x 60 cm


Thuringia, probably Erfurt, c. 1380

South German Private Collection

Collection Georg Hartmann, Frankfurt/Main

Published in: Wilm/Erhardt, Alte Kunst Lebendig, Bildwerke einer Privatsammlung, Stuttgart 1942, p. 23, plate 63 und 64

Diplomate Briefcase with the Imperial Eagle and the Coat of Arms of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria

Prague, early 20th century

Inside the Coat of Arms of the Count's of Coudenhove-Kalergi