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A Choice of Highlights

Auction Date:
16th - 17th October 2019

11th - 14th October 2019, 11 am to 5 pm

Joseph Wopfner
(Schwarz 1843 - Munich 1927)

A Wedding Party on Lake Chiemsee
Oil/canvas, signed

55,5 x 99 cm

Johann Georg Greif(f) (1693-1753)
Munich, c. 1720/30

St. John Baptist, h. 50 cm

Collection Dr. Hubert Wilm, Munich and in family property since then.

Collection of "fede" frienship rings from a Stuttgart Private Collection, 18th-20th century

A Chelaberd Kazak rug

South Caucasus, c. 1880

198 x 128 cm

From old South German private property. Acquired in the 1950s from Hopf

Niklaus Weckmann
(Ulm 1481 - 1526)

St. Barbara, H. 62 cm

With typical "Spechtloch" at the back of her head

Provenience: From an old Swabian private collection.

Germany (late 16th ct.)

Saint Jerome
oil/cradled panel, verso old lacquer seal

Folding screen designed by Piero Fornasetti

Milano, Italy

An interesting collection of historic earrings and Baroque jewelry from a Stuttgart private property

Big floral and cupid pattern Altar Frame with Virgin of the Immaculate Conception

Central Rhenish, last
quarter of 17th century
190 x 100 cm

Once collection Georg Hartmann (1870-1954), Frankfurt on the Main.

A very fine silk Qum carpet

Central Persia, 2nd half 20th ct

510 x 348 cm (approx. 16'7'' x 11'4'')

South German private property

A pair of elaborate Meissen Potpourri Vases

Middle of 19th century
Model by Johann Joachim Kändler
c. 1760

H. 78 cm

Johann Wolfgang Frölicher (attr.)
Solothurn 1652-1700 Trier,
late 17th century

A pair of Winged Angels with Candleholders
h. 67 cm

Once collection Georg Hartmann (1870-1954), Frankfurt on the Main.

Jacob de Backer (Studio)

Allegory with Juno and Saturn

67 x 49 cm

Important Renaissance sun-dial
by Paulus Reinman
(Nuremberg c. 1557 - 1608)

dated 1596

9,8 x 8 cm

A wool and silk tapestry

Flanders, Brussels, 1st half 18th ct.

190 x 271 cm

Caspar Riss von Rissenfels,
worked in Augsburg 1661-1712

The Virgin Mary Mourning

Silver, chased and marked
Augsburg hallmarks, late 17th century

h. 39 cm

Victor Honoré Janssens
(Brussels 1658 - 1736)

Saint Nicholas in Cilicia
Oil/canvas, signed

162 x 215 cm

'Sunny Boy'

Ferdinand Preiss, c. 1925

chryselephantine figure,
h. 20,5 cm

Very fine Ivory Group of the Resurrection

France, probably Dieppe, 17th century

52 x 37 x 26 cm

Southern Germany

Württembergian Donau Region,
c. 1515/1525

St. Lawrence
Oil/gold background

40 x 27 cm

Stephan Zick (1639 - 1715, attr.)

Nuremberg, late 17th century

Anatomic ivory model of a pregnant woman

L. 16,5 cm

Paul Mathias Padua
(Salzburg 1903 - Rottach-Egern 1981)

Lady wearing a Ball Dress in a Parlour
Oil/canvas, signed

80 x 62 cm

An extremely fine silk Qum carpet "Jamshidi"

Central Persia
205 x 128 cm (6'7'' x 4'2'')

Isaak Kiening, worked at Isny, 2nd half of 16th century

Monogrammed "IK" and dated 1580
Annual Calender. Solnhofen natural stone, 44 x 29 cm

Property of a South German noble family

St. Catherine

Rhineland, c. 1300

Dr. Hubert Wilm Collection and by descent

A 'Ceres' coffee and tea service

KPM Berlin, design
Theo Schmuz-Baudiss

Flemish School
(17th ct.)

A Bunch of White and Blue Grapes tied together with a Ribbon. Oil/canvas

84 x 54 cm

An Aubusson tapestry

France, 2nd half 17th ct.
283 x 283 cm (approx. 9'3'' x 9'3'')

West German private property. Acquired in Strasbourg in the 1970s, since then in family property in Germany

A pair of rare jade and diamond Art-Déco earrings

Court Jeweler W.A. Bolin, Stockholm, 1937

Property of an old Swedish industrial family

Joos van Cleve (circle)
(Cleves 1485 - Antwerp 1542)

Saint Jerome in His Study
Oil/cradled panel
92 x 67 cm

Provenance: Southern German
Noble Family

A Pair of Monumental Marble Lion Sculptures

2nd half of 19th century,
signed Demaris f.
h. 132 cm

Provenience: German private collection.
Villa Löwenruhe in Offenburg, built for Baron Siegmund Löw von und zu Steinfurt (1757-1846) and later residence of the tobacco factory owner Adolf Krafft (né 1846)

Konstantin Pader (Bader) (1605-1681, attr.)

Upper Bavaria, 1st half
of 17th century

St. John Baptist

h. 111 cm

Porcelain vase with Satyr and Grapes

Probably Imperial Factory St. Petersburg, late 18th century

Model probably after drawings by Andrej Nikiforovich Woronichin

A similar pair of vases are stored in Pavlovsk castle
h. 54,5 cm

Collier and bracelet

platinum, 750 gold, diamonds

A fine silk and metal brocaded
Tehran rug

North Persia, 2nd third 20th ct.
207 x 138 cm (approx. 6'8'' x 4'5'')

South German private property

Klaes Molenaer
(Haarlem c. 1630 - 1675)

A Merry Company on a Frozen Canal
Oil/panel, signed

59 x 83 cm

Hans Leinberger

Landshut, c. 1515, Holy Bishop

Dr. Hubert Wilm Collection
Private Collection, Munich

A Sarough Ferahan carpet

West Persia, c. 1920
366 x 274 cm (approx. 12' x 9')

Selected carpets from a North German private collection

Rare Georg Jensen brooch

Copenhagen, 1915-30
Silver, gemstones

Isaac van Oosten
(Antwerp 1613 - 1661)

Lively Village Street
Oil/panel, signed

42 x 56 cm

A Qashqa'i rug

South Persia, c. 1910
342 x 174 cm (approx. 11'2'' x 5'7'')

Property from an old Southwest German private collection

Ignaz Günther (1725 - 1775)

Winged putto

H. 85 cm

Dirck Verhaert
(1631 - 1664, active at Haarlem
and Leiden)

Extensive River Landscape
Oil/panel, monogrammed

27 x 35 cm

Circle of Hans Leinberger
(c. 1470/80-1531)
Landshut, c. 1520

Virgin and Child

h. 112 cm

Egidius Mengelberg
(Cologne 1770 - 1849)

The Last Supper, after Leonardo da Vinci. Oil/canvas, signed and dated 1834

69 x 140 cm