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A Choice of Highlights

Auction Date:
18th March 2020

12th - 16th March 2020, 11 am to 5 pm

Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
(Paris 1796 - 1875)

Le Dormoir Communal, Le Soir. Oil/canvas, signed.

73 x 59 cm

Published in: Alfred Robaut. L'Œuvre de Corot, catalogue raisonné et illustré précédé de l'Histoire de Corot et de ses œuvres par Étienne Moreau-Nélaton, Paris 1905 no. 1806.
With a certificate by Martin Dieterle and Claire Lebeau, Paris.

Sculptures of the collection Carl von Weinberg, Frankfurt (on the Main)

Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
(Paris 1796 - 1875)

Bosquet d'Arbres avec une Paysanne et un Batelier, signed. Oil/canvas.

49 x 37 cm

Published in: Alfred Robaut. L'Œvre de Corot, catalogue raisonné et illustré précédé de l'Histoire de Corot et de ses œuvres par Étienne Moreau-Nélaton, Paris 1905 no. 1930.
With a certificate by Martin Dieterle and Claire Lebeau, Paris.

Michelangelo Buonarotti
(1475-1564, after)

"Day" and "Night", allegorical sculptures from the tomp of Giuliano de'Medici in the New Sacristy of San Lorenzo, Florence

Italy or France, 19th century,
L. 65 cm

Private Collection of rare Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas suitcases and trunks, mostly 1920ies/30ies

Master of the Paintings of the High Altarpiece in Rabenden
(Early 16th ct.)

Entry of Pope, Cardinal and Praying People. Oil/softwood. C. 1510/1515

101 x 64 cm

The painting is repeatedly published, recently in: Isolde Lübbeke, Der verlorene Altar eines Münchner Hofmalers. Hans Ostendorfer I und die "schöne Tafel des Choraltars" von 1518 in der Stiftskirche von Altötting, Wallraf-Richartz-Jahrbuch vol. LXXX, 2019, p. 29-126, with mentioning on p. 45 with ill. no. 8 and p. 87 with ill. no. 2.

Carl Spitzweg
(Munich 1808 - 1885)

Landscape in the Bavarian Alps, monogrammed, verso label of
Dr. Bühler Gallery, Munich. Oil/cardboard.

The painting is published in: Siegfried Wichmann, Carl Spitzweg, Verzeichnis der Werke, Gemälde und Aquarelle, Stuttgart 2002, p. 102 catalogue raisonné no. 1383.

23 x 30 cm

Virgin and Child Enthroned

Northern Italy, late 15th century, limewood

H. 71 cm

Art-Déco Diamond and Emerald Necklace

Unique handmade piece by a Germand goldsmith during the 1920ies, 585 white gold, emeralds c. 3 ct.; diamonds c. 6,7 ct.

Gabriel von Max
(Prague 1840 - Munich 1915)

The Bride of Corinth, signed and dated 1894. Oil/canvas.

100 x 135 cm

Christian Mali
(Broekhuizen 1832 - Munich 1906)

Cows at a watering place at the village outskirts, signed, inscribed and dated "München 1881", Oil/canvas

95 x 77 cm

Important collection of clocks and watches from old South German private property

Survey of clocks

Exceptional pink alabaster Sculpture
Christ as Man of Sorrows

Sicily, middle of 17th century

Pink alabaster with gray veins and some red paint

H. 51 cm

Christian Mali
(Broekhuizen 1832 - Munich 1906)

Cows and sheep with a herdswoman at lakeshore, signed, inscribed and dated "München 1882", Oil/canvas

52 x 100 cm

Large Romanesque limestone recumbant lion

Italy, probably 12th/13th century

L. 204 cm

Mathieu Ignace van Bree

(Antwerp 1773 - 1839)

Panoramic View of River Scheldt with the Town Silhouette of Antwerp

Oil/canvas, 306 x 504 cm

Provenance: From the Property of a West German Ambassador

A Bidjar carpet

West Persia, late 19th ct.

423 x 279 cm

Nikolaus Babel (and workshop, attr.)
Pfronten, 1643-1728

Lifesize sculpture of St. George

H. c. 180 cm

Peter Snayers
(Antwerp 1592 - Brussels 1667)

A Hunt in a River Landscape.
A battle in a hilly landscape. A pair. One of them monogrammed. Oil/canvas

77 x 101 cm

A Manchester Kashan carpet

Central Persia, c. 1930

354 x 251 cm

School of Amsterdam

(Late 17th ct.)

Portrait of an Elderly Woman with a Fur Cap

Oil/panel, 20 x 17 cm

A very fine silk Qum carpet "Jamshidi"

Central Persia, 2nd half 20th ct.

150 x 96 cm

Antonio Rossellino (1427/28-1479), workshop

Virgin and Child
Stucco relief, c. 1475

Collection Willibald von Dirksen (1852-1928), Berlin;
Collection Egon Zerner, Frankfurt (until 1924)

Daum Frères/Emile Gallé, Nancy

Barend Cornelis Koekkoek
(Middelburg 1803 - Cleves 1862)

Wintry landscape with peasants and a horseman at evening light, signed and dated 1850, verso artist label in handwriting with a lacquer seal and a label of Galerie Bühler, Munich. Oil/panel.

Published in: Friedrich Gorissen,
B. C. Koekkoek 1803-1862, Werksverzeichnis der Gemälde, Düsseldorf 1962, catalogue raisonné no. 50/43 with fig.

42 x 56 cm

A fine silk and metal thread embroidered Mosque door Portiere

Ottoman, probably Syria, mid 19th ct.

355 x 171 cm

A splendid Renaissance cabinet

Italy, probably Florence, 17th ct.

A Khotan rug

East Turkestan, late 19th ct.

169 x 111 cm

Abraham van Dijck

Amsterdam 1635 - Dordrecht 1680)

A Scholar in his Study
Oil/canvas, 40 x 49 cm

The painting is published in: Werner Sumowski, Gemälde der Rembrandt-Schüler, vol. 1, no. 374, fig. p. 695

An exceptionally fine silk Hereke "Özpek" rug

Western Turkey, 2nd half 20th ct.

43 x 36 cm

Virgin and Child

Swabia, c. 1500
From an old Belgian Collection

Friedrich August von Kaulbach
(Munich 1850 - Ohlstadt 1920)

Portrait of a Young Girl. Pastel/paper, signed. 54 x 48 cm

According to the consignor's family tradition a portrait of Katia Pringsheim, the later wife of Thomas Mann

Fine Neoclassical Porcelain Vase

Nymphenburg, before 1825
Painted probably by Carl Friedrich Heinzmann

H. 48 cm

Renaissance cabinet

Spain, c. 1600

Max Nonnenbruch
(Viersen 1857 - Munich 1922)

"Flora". Portrait of a Young Lady with Twigs in her Hands, signed and dated 1901. Oil/canvas.

124 x 75 cm

Fine heart shaped ruby and diamond ring

Late 19th century
Heart cut old-cut diamond c. 2,3 ct.

Ernst Karl Eugen Körner
(Stibbe 1846 - Berlin 1927)

The Pyramids of Gizah at Evening Light. Oil/canvas, signed and dated 1910, verso artist's label in handwriting

83 x 127 cm

A pair of bronze Putti

France, 18th century
From an old Belgian private collection