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If you would like to acquire valuable art or antiques, then you will always find a large, high-quality selection at NAGEL AUKTIONEN. We hold four large art and antique auctions each year, four Varia auctions, two special auctions of modern art, Asian art, collector's carpets and ethnologica, and additional special auctions of collections and estates.

An auction catalogue appears two to three weeks before each auction. It contains the most important information on the objects, as well as their estimates. These catalogues can be procured directly from Nagel, either singly or by subscription. The online versions of the respective catalogues are available free of charge at the Nagel website. Catalogue Subscription

Before each auction, we arrange the objects that are going to be up for auction in an exhibition that is open to everyone free of charge. You can view the objects in person and put your questions directly to the experts and staff members present.

If you would like to bid at an auction, you have several possibilities to choose from:

a) Bidding in person. If you would like to take part in an auction in person, you must register at the reception. You will then be assigned a bidder card with a number. If you win the auction you have to show the auctioneer this number after the knockdown.

b) Written bids. Fill in the bid slip at the end of the catalogue and send it in due time to Nagel. The auctioneer will represent your interests to your advantage. You can also download this form from the website.
Download Bidding form

c) Telephone bids. You can also register as a telephone bidder if the object you are interested in has an estimated value of € 750 or more. To do so, please send us a signed bidding form.
Download Bidding form

d) Online bids. You can also take part in the bidding at our auctions online from anywhere in the world. To do so, please register at least 72 hours before the auction. You will find a form for this purpose on our website.
Download Bidding form

After the knockdown, we ask the bidders present in person to pick up their bill at the reception and settle the account at the cash desk. The premium will be added to the knockdown sum. Your object can then be collected immediately from the collection department. All bidders not present will receive their bill by mail after the auction.
Knockdown subject to reservation

If the knockdown is awarded subject to reservation, we must ask you to be patient. This means that your bid did not reach the limit price agreed with the consignor. Nagel Auktionen will now consult the consignor. If he or she accepts the knockdown sum, then the reservation will be lifted and the purchaser will receive a bill.

However, we would like to point out that a knockdown subject to reservation involves a certain risk. If a higher bid is made by a third party while these negotiations are ongoing, the knockdown will be awarded to this bidder immediately and without prior consultation.

So if you would absolutely like to have an object, you should not rely on a knockdown awarded with reservation. In this case, you should ask to know the limit price as soon as possible and perhaps make a higher bid in accord with the limit price.
Result list

One day after the auction at the latest, a result list will be available for downloading from the Nagel website. A post-auction sale of objects not knocked down shall continue for a further eight weeks after the auction.
Auction results
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