Online Bidding
Instructions for the Demo

The Demo Auction shows how online bidding at NAGEL AUKTIONEN works.

You have to register yourself for the demo auction by following the link Demo

and then click on REGISTRATION on the left side. After this please select your country and then click NEW USER. Then enter a login name and a password of your choice. You have to confirm the password in the third line.

For this demo, all you have to enter is a Login Name and a Password; all other fields are optional. Since this is a demo, you can bid and buy with confidence. You will not receive an invoice. Enjoy this unique experience!

In the demo, as in the real auction you can place offers (absentee bids) before the auction takes place. But in this automated demo auction the robot auctioneer won't process these offers. Instead you have to bid on the lots while the auctioneer is selling it.