Department of Rugs & Carpets, Ethnographic Art and Islamic Art
as well as Textiles and Ancient Art

NAGEL AUKTIONEN is very proud of its Oriental Art Department.

NAGEL AUKTIONEN is one of the most traditional German companies to hold specialist auctions of rugs & carpets and Near Eastern Art (twice annually). These auctions are fixed events in the calenadar of all all enthusiasts of Oriental rugs and carpets and specialist dealers throughout the world.

Nagel Auktionen is always pleased to advise buyers and consignors of tapestries textiles rugs & carpets Islamic & tribal art.

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We would like to show you some special objects from our auctions.(Results incl. buyer's premium)

Compartment Carpet,Western Anatolia, early 16th century

Result: € 330.000

A Star Ushak rug,Anatolia, 17th century

Result: € 90.000

Tapestry, 16th century, 'The Sacrifice of Iphigenie'

Result: € 20.000

A fine Needlepoint Embroidery, England, early 17th century

Result: € 30.000

Textile, Silesia, ca. 17th century

Result: € 4.000

A Tabriz Carpet, North Persia, ca.1900

Result: € 35.000

A Tabriz Carpet in the Style of 'Hadji Jalili', Northwest Persia, ca.1900

Result: € 20.000

A Sultanabad Carpet, West Persia, ca. 1880

Result: € 30.000

A Dragon-Sumakh-Carpet, Caucasus, 19th century

Result: € 25.000

A rare Khotan Seat Mat, East Turkestan, 19th century

Result: € 10.000

A 'Salor-Engsi' -Carpet, Turkmenistan, 19th century

Result: € 40.000

An Iznik-Dish, Turkey, ca. 1530

Result: € 100.000

Two important Iznik Tiles, Turkey, ca. 1575

Result: € 95.000

An important Syrian Tile, Panel, ca. 1600

Result: € 310.000

Qur'an Comment, Ottoman or Western Persia, 16th-18th century

Result: € 4.500

A candlestick, Anatolia, mid. 13th century

Result: € 75.000

An Anatolian Mortar, 12th/13th century

Result: € 8.000

A yombe Magic Figure, Kongo

Result: € 4.500

A bronze head of a king, Edo, Benin Kingdom, 18th ct.

Result: € 50.000

A Dan 'Deangle' Mask, Ivory Coast, Liberia

Result: € 5.000

A 'Malangan' Figure, New-Guinea

Result: € 4.500

An excellent Male Luba Chief's stool, Zaire

Result: € 10.000

A Sepik Male Figure, New Guinea

Result: € 5.000