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804 | Fine Arts & Antiques

Date of auction: 17/18.05.2022

Auction house Nagel
Neckarstraße 189 – 191
D – 70190 Stuttgart

09. – 12. Juni 2022, 10 – 17

Auction house Nagel

Neckarstraße 189 – 191

D – 70190 Stuttgart

Please note that the lots marked with the symbol “Y” are subject to CITES restrictions if they are to be exported from the EU.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear customers and friends of Nagel Auctions, all auctions conducted by NAGEL AUKTIONEN are auctions open to the public, to which the regulations on the sale of consumer goods do not apply. Used goods are auctioned, on which the warranty is limited to one year.

  1. There are no statements about authenticity, age, authenticity, condition, etc., which go beyond the catalog text.
  2. A personal tour of the objects is strongly recommended.
  3. All pieces are auctioned without any warranty. Complaints are excluded.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you every success. Your team at Nagel Auctions. I have taken note of this information and would like to go to the catalogues.

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Self-portrait of the artist at the easel. Oil/canvas, relined.
Portrait of a young lady in a white dress with ribbons. Oil/canvas, relined.
Portrait of Ludwig, Duke of Wurttemberg (1554-1593). Oil/copper.
<b>Roman-Bolognese School</b>
The Money Changer. Oil/canvas, relined.
Joseph II of Austria as Holy Roman Emperor. Oil/canvas, relined.
Joseph II of Austria in a dark just-au-corps. Oil/canvas, verso old ownership annotations.
<b>Pesne, Antoine (Kreis)</b>
Sketch for a ceiling fresco. Fragment. Oil/canvas, relined, at the bottom in a cartouche indistinctly inscribed.
Portrait of a young nobleman with a gyrfalcon and a sighthound. Oil/panel.
Hercules and Omphale. Oil/canvas, verso old lacquer seal.
The Doge's Palace with Riva degli Schiavoni in Venice. Oil/canvas/cardboard.

Lot *347


Italian landscape with a monastery complex on hilltop. Oil/canvas, relined, signed lower left.
The Bay of Naples. Gouache/paper.
<b>Italian School</b>

Lot 351

Italian School

Olevano Romano at morning light. Oil/canvas, signed lower right, verso old  label of Galerie Bühler, Munich.
Lateral doorway at St. Sebald, Nuremberg.  Oil/panel, signed lower right, verso inscribed and dated 1868.
Runkel (near Limburg) on the Lahn. Watercolour and pencil, heighetend white/paper, signed and dated 1873.
Fishing boat in the harbour entrance. Oil/canvas, signed.
A medieval harbour city at early morning. Oil/canvas, signed and dated 1839 lower right.
An artist portraying a lady. Oil/canvas.
<b>Lisiewska, Friederike Juliane von</b>

Lot *361


<b>Irish School</b>

Lot *362

Irish School

Portrait of a young girl in front of a landscape, at the left the townscape of Dresden. Oil/canvas, relined.
Young lady at a fountain in the historic city centre of Ghent. Oil/canvas, inscribed lower right.
Peasant family in a farmhouse parlour. Oil/canvas, relined, signed and dated 1834.
A card playing company in a parlour. Oil/canvas, relined, signed laterally left.
A puppet maker in his workshop. Oil/canvas, signed lower left.
In a cobbler's workshop. Oil/canvas.
A gallant couple in a parlour. Oil/canvas, signed lower left.
Stil life of flowers in a glass vase on a stone pedestal. Oil/panel.
Still life of pears, grapes and blackberries. Oil/panel, signed lower right.
<b>Nigg, Joseph (attr.)</b>
The Siblings. Two girls in a red armchair doing handiworks. Oil/panel, signed and dated (18)72 lower right.
Dutch polder landscape with windmills. Oil/canvas, signed.
Riverbank with birch trees. Oil/panel, signed lower right.
<b>Funk, Heinrich (attr.)</b>
<b>Probably Belgian School</b>
Autumnal landscape. Oil/panel, signed and dated 1849.
Hay harvest. Oil/canvas, signed lower right.
River landscape with a farmstead in the noonday sun. Oil/canvas, relined, monogrammed and dated 1848 lower right.
Wooded landscape with a brook. Oil/canvas, signed.
Young cattle on a pasture. Oil/canvas, signed, inscribed and dated München 1887.
Cattle drive up to alpine pastures. Oil/canvas, signed, inscribed and dated 1902 lower left.
At the field gate. Oil/canvas, signed lower right.
<b>Zügel, Heinrich von</b>
<b>Koekkoek, Marinus Adrianus (attr.)</b>
<b>Stuhlmüller, Karl</b>
<b>Mali, Christian</b>

Lot 390

Mali, Christian

Norwegian coastal landscape. Oil/canvas, signed lower right, verso on the stretcher inscribed.
Flock of sheep in an alpine valley. Pastel/cardboard, signed lower left, verso old artist label with inscription.
<b>Sandrock, Leonhard</b>
Black Forest landscape. Oil/cardboard, signed, verso on artist's label inscribed.
Fishnets under trees (Lake Constance). Oil/canvas/cardboard, signed, verso estate stamp..
Village idyll. Oil/canvas, relined, signed, inscribed and dated München 1860.
Summery landscape with a river mill. Oil/canvas/cardboard, signed lower left.
<b>Fleischhauer, Justus Hermann</b>
Resting horsemen before the tour de force. Oil/panel, signed and dated 1895 lower right.
Stop of a stagecoach in a Bavarian village at a lake. Oil/panel, signed lower right.
<b>Achenbach, Oswald</b>
<b>Achenbach, Oswald</b>
Cows and sheep in the midday sun in front of the stable. Oil/canvas, signed, inscribed and dated 1883 lower right.
<b>Hirschfelder, Salomon</b>
Extensive winter landscape with a farmstead at early morning. Oil/canvas, signed and dated (18)92 lower left.
Wintry landscape with a blacksmith's shop and a watermill. Oil/canvas signed and dated 1870.
Amazon with shield and spear. OIl/cardboard, signed upper right.
Bust portrait of a young lady in a dark dress. Oil/canvas, signed and dated 1874.
<b>Hoff, Carl Heinrich d.J.</b>
White peonies in a blue vase on a pedestal. Oil/canvas, signed.
<b>Bakhuyzen, Geraldine van den Sande</b>
Red and white roses on a pedestal in front of a shrub. Oil/canvas, signed lower right.
Large still life with mums and a basket. Oil/canvas, signed and dated 1883.
Roses in a vase in front of a green drape. Oil/canvas, signed lower right.
Still life of flowers in a wall fountain of a wood panelling. Oil/canvas, signed and dated 1915 lower right.
Still life of flowers with mums and snapdragons. Oil/canvas, signed lower right.
A varicoloured still life of roses. Oil/canvas, signed.
<b>May, Matthias</b>

Lot *424

May, Matthias

Still life of roses in a white vase. Oil/canvas, signed lower left.
Still life of flowering roses in a cachepot. Oil/canvas, signed and dated 1910.
Storks flying over a forest in an extensive landscape. Oil/cardboard, signed and dated 1910.
Picking hens outdoors. Oil/canvas, signed and dated 1916.
<b>Hegenbarth, Emanuel</b>
Two horsemen on a tree-lined avenue. Oil/canvas, signed and dated 1933 lower right.
<b>Frey-Moock, Adolf</b>
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