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Please use this form to order individual catalogues or a catalogue subscription. Enter the applicable auction codes/codes or indicate which subscription you would like to subscribe. Please let us know which payment method you prefer and the catalogues will be sent to you as soon as possible.

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Prices for single catalogues:

Fine Arts & Antiques Auction

Fine Arts & Antiques
€ 20,- (Germany), € 25,- (Foreign countries)

Jewellery & Watches
€ 15,- (Germany), € 20,- (Foreign countries)

European Table Culture
€ 15,- (Germany), € 20,- (Foreign countries)

Historical Arms-Collection Freiherren von Ellmendorff
€ 15,- (Germany), € 20,- (Foreign countries)

Varia auction (only available online)

Modern & Contemporary Art
€ 25,- (Germany), € 45,- (Foreign countries)

Asian Art
Single price: € 70,- (Germany), € 100,- (Foreign countries)

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