100 years of tradition

We look back on 100 precious years and continue to set an example in the art world with many great auctions in our anniversary year 2022. Between traditional house and modernization, Nagel has established itself as an international auction house.


Our offer

If you want to purchase valuable art or antiques, then you will always find an extensive and high-quality selection at NAGEL AUCTIONS. We host two major art and antiques auctions annually, two Varia auctions, two special auctions each of Modern Art, Asian Art, Collectible Carpets & Ethnologica, and additional special auctions of collections and estates.

Following you will find all relevant information for a successful bid: From ordering catalogues to shipping to your home.

Forms, conditions and documents

Procedure of our auctions


The auction catalogue is published two to three weeks before the auction. The catalogues can be obtained directly from Nagel – individually or by subscription. The online versions of the catalogues are available free of charge on the Nagel website.

Order the catalogue


Before each auction, we set up an exhibition with the objects to be auctioned, which is open to the public free of charge. There you can view the objects in the original and ask the experts and employees directly your questions.


If you would like to bid in the auction, you have various options:

Personal bidding, written bidding, telephone bidding, online bidding.

Place bids

Acceptance of bid

After winning the bid, we ask the bidders present in person to collect your invoice at the reception and pay it at the checkout. The buyer’s premium is calculated on the hammer price and your object can then be picked up immediately at the goods issue. All bidders not present will receive their invoice by post after the auction.

Conditional acceptance of bid

If the knockdown is awarded subject to reservation, we must ask you to be patient. This means that your bid did not reach the limit price agreed with the consignor. Nagel Auktionen will now consult the consignor. If he or she accepts the knockdown sum, then the reservation will be lifted and the purchaser will receive a bill.

However, we would like to point out that a knockdown subject to reservation involves a certain risk. If a higher bid is made by a third party while these negotiations are ongoing, the knockdown will be awarded to this bidder immediately and without prior consultation. So if you would absolutely like to have an object, you should not rely on a knockdown awarded with reservation. In this case, you should ask to know the limit price as soon as possible and perhaps make a higher bid in accord with the limit price.

Result list

At the latest one day after the auction, a list of results is available for download on the Nagel website. Unsold items will be available for a further eight weeks after the auction.

Result lists


You can bid on our auctions by phone, online, in writing or in person. Below you will find the details of the different ways to submit your bid to us.

Personal bidding

If you want to participate in the auction in person, you must register at the reception. You will then be assigned a bidder card with a number, which you show to the auctioneer when the bid is accepted.

Phone bidding

You can also register as a telephone bidder if the object you are interested in has an estimated value of € 750 or more. To do so, please send us a signed bidding form.

Bidding form

Writting bidding

Fill in the bid slip at the end of the catalogue and send it in due time to Nagel. The auctioneer will represent your interests to your advantage. You can also download this form from the website.

Bidding form

Online bidding

You can also take part in the bidding at our auctions online from anywhere in the world. To do so, please register at least 72 hours before the auction via one of the online portals below.

(2.6% fee plus VAT)

(5% fee plus VAT)

(3% fee plus VAT)

(3% fee plus VAT)

All auctions carried out by NAGEL AUKTIONEN are publicly accessible auctions for which the provisions on the sale of consumer goods do not apply. Used goods are auctioned for which the warranty is reduced to one year.