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Lot 1802


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900 € - 1.500 €


1.600 €


Korea/ Japan, 19th c.
29 x17,5/ 86 x 67/ 47 x 33,5 cm
1) Korea, Title: Yeojijeondo (Complete map of imperial territory), The atlas contains twelve hand painted or drawn maps: maps of prefectures of Korea, followed by maps for China, the Ryukyu Islands and Japan. At the end is a world map that probably shows 81 countries. The maps are centered on each double page spread of the volume. This is a later 19th century copy modeled after a print altlas called "Yeochudo" from the Ming Dynasty, with the general map of Korea missing. Handwritten text in ink probably dated by the donor to the renwu year (1822 or 1882); 2) Map of the Edo-jō, Japan, color woodcut. Historical map of the Japanese "Edo Castle" and the surrounding area edition 1824, publisher: Suharaya Mohei 須原屋茂兵衛, 3) Small map, Japan. Color woodblock print, Title: Tempō kaisei shuchu Kyo ezu (Revised pocket Map of Kyoto in the Tempō period / Revised pocket Map of Kyoto in the Tempō era) Edition 1841, Author: Ikeda, Toritei, Publisher: Takehara Yoshibē.
From an old German private collection, collected before 1990
Traces of age, minor damages