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Lot 1825


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400 € - 600 €


240 €


Japan, Edo period
34,8 x 30 cm R.
Depiction of Dainichi Nyorai, hands in the gesture of wisdom fist (chiken'in) on a lotus, surrounded by four treasure vases, a lotus border and lotus at the four cardinal points. Woodcut with ink and colors on paper. Detail of a Kongôkai mandara consisting of nine small mandaras with numerous deities. In the top row in the center is enthroned Dainichi, "The Shining One", the Adi Buddha from the group of the five Dhyani Buddhas. He is the only Buddha to whom a separate mandara field is dedicated. He is enthroned dressed in white on a background that is also white. Framed.
South German private collection, collected before 2007
Cf. Mary W. Baskett, Footprints of the Buddha, Japanese Buddhist Prints from American and Japanese Collections, Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1980, pp. 52-53, no. 27
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