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Outer Mongolia, 19th c.
32,5 x 77 cm
Such tables are tools for traditional Tibetan medicine, where they are consulted for making certain diagnoses and determining the favorable time for administering medicines. These tables are also used in numerous rituals. They are also applied to the important events of life, such as birth, marriage and death, and are therefore an indispensable part of the daily life of the Tibetans. The applied astrology is closely connected with the use of the calendar. The Chinese calendar is used. The years, months and days are marked by the zodiac signs of the twelve-year cycle and the five elements. In this table, the top row contains representations of Buddhas, Bodhisattas and scholars. Below that is the row of various figures, animal representations and symbols. Then follow rows with the signs of the zodiac and their correspondences to the planets/Mewas, in the form of Tibetan characters. Outstanding is the depiction of the Cosmic Turtle, which is closely related to Manjushri, the "Bodhisattva of Wisdom". The turtle shows on its ventral side, the ninefold magic square with the signs of the nine planets, the Eight Bagua Trigrams and as an outer frieze the twelve animal circle signs. Other schematic tables are to the left and right of the center. Tempera on cotton fabric, silk.
Old South German private collection, collected before 2007
Wear, minor damages due to age