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Lot 244


Estimated Value:

3.000 € - 5.000 €


6.500 €


China, Western Zhou dynasty, ca. 9th - 8th c. BC
H. je ca. 11,5 - 12 cm
Each of the four slightly conical fittings bears two circular bands of stylized intertwined dragons and an unclassifiable ornament on the flat cap, two still have one leiwen band each below the cap. All four have two slots each for bolts (still present here), each bearing a tiger head. Those two fittings with the additional leiwen band still show two small holes each, but their purpose remains unclear. Cast bronze, partly malachite green, partly gray and earth-colored patina and heavier incrustations.
Important Austrian private collection, according to records acquired in the 1980s from Susan Chen in Hong Kong
Publ. Zeileis 'From Shang to Qing - Three and a Half Millennia of Chinese Bronze', 1999, no. 110, p. 310.
Almost identical fittings are illustrated in 'Zhongguo qingtongqi quanji (The Complete Collection of Chinese Bronzes)', Editing Committee ed., Cultural Relics Publishing House (Beijing) 1994, vol.7 as no. 54 on pages 56/57
Partially corroded, traces of age