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Lot 251


Estimated Value:

3.000 € - 5.000 €


12.975 € incl. Premium and VAT


China, Eastern Zhou/ Warring States period
H. 23 cm
The decoration here consists of characteristic dragon pattern bands, separated by hoops with rope decoration within double contour lines. The entire surface of the vessel body was decorated, only the neck and foot are left out. Interestingly, a total of six lines of rope decoration run vertically downward. Cast bronze, largely uniformly thin green and brownish patina, some larger areas of whitish stannic oxide accumulation in the areas left undecorated on the vessel neck and foot.
Important Austrian private collection, acquired in the early 1990s from E. & J. Frankel in New York, according to their information from an old New York private collection, collected in the 1990s.
Publ. Zeileis: "From Shang to Qing - Three and a Half Millennia of Chinese Bronze", 1999, No. 86, pp. 252-253
Wear, slightly chipped, traces of age