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Lot 320


Estimated Value:

1.500 € - 2.500 €

Hammer Price:

1.500 €


China, Ming dynasty, ca. 16th c.
H. 27,8 cm
Seated in vajrasana on a lotus base with his right hand in varadamudra while the left is showing the abhayamudra, wearing dhoti tied around the waist with a ribbon knotted to the front, wide-sleeved mantle covering both shoulders and falling in pleats over both legs, bejewelled, his face displaying a serene expression with downcast eyes below arched eyebrows running into the nose-bridge, elongated earlobes with ear ornaments, his hairdo combed in a chignon with some tresses falling over his shoulders, secured with an elaborate tiara cast with a minute figure of Amitabha Buddha to the front and decorated with a pair of pattras and floating ribbons.
German private collection, acquired before 2007
Base with casting holes, partly filled, slightly chipped

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