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Lot 329

JIN RONG (1885-1928) SIGNED

Estimated Value:

3.000 € - 5.000 €



China, dated 1908
123 x 30,5 cm
A monkey climbing on a pine tree branch. Ink on paper, hanging scroll. Signature: "In the style of Li Futang (1686-1756, one of the Eight Yangzhou Painters) ... in the fifth month of the wushen year, Jin Rong". Two artist's seals: "Shou Shi", "Jin Rong ri li".
South German private collection, acquired in the 1970s at Galerie Horstmann
Jin Rong (1885-1928), style name Shou Shi, was a figure and landscape painter from Suzhou of Jiangsu Province. The depictions of animals in his paintings also show outstanding skill
Partially rubbed, mounting torn in places