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Lot 602


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2.500 € - 3.500 €


China, Qing dynasty, probably Jianqing period (1796-1820)
L. 142 cm, B. 143 cm
Silk satin embroidered with gold and few silver threads in appliqué technique, colored twisted silk in satin and knotted stitches. Border originally embroidered and gold brocade fabric. One original spherical button from bronze preserved. Lining: light blue silk damask. Nine five-clawed dragons floating in clouds with bats above waves with treasures. At the sides sitting shizi lions on the sides looking up at the dragons. In this robe, unusually, the treasures are partly combinations of one Buddhist and one Daoist object each (flaming wheel with staff, parasol with flute, lotus with calabash, book with sword, umbrella with leaf fan, castanets with rattling instrument, lotus, fruit basket, endless knot, flaming pearls, fish, vase with three halberds, snail trumpet, books, sheng ornaments in circle and diamond shape). The vividly depicted dragons, clouds, and large-scale treasures suggest a dating in the Jiaqing era. This is supported by the height of the diagonal lines on the hem, as well as the size, shape and distribution of the clouds. The dragons' gaze is altered, as the black silk used in the pupils has since fallen out, revealing white underneath.
Private collection Bavaria, acquired in London in the 1970s
Cf. Blue dragon robe, dated Jiaqing, Sotheby's New York, auction 64.9.2014, lot 518; Brown dragon robe, dated Jiaqing, Cooper Hewitt Museum, inv. no. 1960-32-1
Cuffs and sleeve extensions missing, a little bit faded, traces of use

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