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Northern China, Wutai Shan (?) 19th c.
86 x 53 (150 x 74) cm
Tempera on cotton fabric, original brocade border with protective curtain, rods and silver knobs. It is the last painting of a series of 31 thangkas with 108 scenic images (jatakas) and the narrations about the previous lives of Gautama Buddha Shakyamuni. (see attached booklet!).
Old South German private collection, collected before 2007
Lit. Harry Halén, Mirrors of the Void, Buddhist Art in the National Museum of Finland, 63 Sino-Mongolian thangkas from the Wutai Shan workshops, a panoramic map of the Wutai Mountains and objects of diverse origin. Helsinki, 1987; G. Tucci, Tibetan Painted Scrolls; La Liberia Dello Stato, Roma MCMXLIX (1949) p. 533, Thangka 94, Plate 130
Wear and minor rest., traces of age