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Lot 1856

"Pata" (Pichwai) "Rasalila"

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1.500 € - 2.500 €


7.122 € incl. Premium and VAT


Rajasthan, Nathdwara, 19th c.
184 x 126 cm
"Krishna" "Shrinathji" dances with "Radha" and the "Gopis" of Vraja. "Raslila" is part of the traditional story of "Krishna". The "dance of love" is described in Hindu scripts for as the "Bhagavata Purana" and the "Gita Govinda". During one night "Krishna" dances with "Radha" and the "Gopis". He multiplies himself in order to dance with every single "Gopi" and streches the length of one "kapala" into 4,32 Billion years. The "Rasalila" is considered the most beautiful depiction of soulful love. Around the rim minitature with different manifestations of "Shrinathji".
Color loss to the painting (rubbing), heavy damages due to the weak textile foundation.