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3.600 €


China, probably Eastern Zhou dynasty, ca. 471-256 B.C.
L. 7,9 cm
Of light grey-greenish translucent jade with brown areas and three perforations on the upper rim, one side with modelled spiral patterns, the others with engraved sketches for serpentine decoration, but not finished, the right outer corner flattened due to inclusions in the jade.
From the Zeileis collection, assembled in the 1980s and 90s
Published in: Friedrich Georg Zeileis, 'Ausgewählte Chinesische Jade aus sieben Jahrtausenden', Gallspach, 1994, no. 195, p. 236, also published in: Chinese Jade Carving, Hong Kong, 1983, Catalogue of the 8th Festival of Asian Arts, p. 94, no. 73 - Minor traces of age