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Lot 91


Estimated Value:

40.000 € - 60.000 €


90.650 € incl. Premium and VAT


Tibeto-Chinese, Qianlong period
H. 60 cm (Figur H. 46 cm)
Standing in alidhasana on a separate cast base consisting of a pair of four-armed divinities reclining on a lotus base, his arms embracing his consort and the hands holding vajra and ghanta, wearing tiger-skin skirt, scarf floating around his shoulders with its streamers encircling both arms while the finials curling up again, mala of severed heads and one of skulls, bejewelled, his face displaying a wrathful expression with protruding eyes below raised eyebrows continuing into the nose-bridge, elongated earlobes with ear ornaments, his blue coloured hair combed in a chignon topped with the ratna emblem, decorated by both the sun and moon emblems, secured with a five-leaf tiara ornamented with a pair of pattras and floating ribbons, his back with a rectangular closed cavity, his consort embracing him with both legs around his middle, her hands with kapala and damaru, wearing skirt, bejewelled, her face displaying as well a severe expression, her hairdo combed in a chignon secured with a tiara and a large separate cast flaming halo behind, unsealed
Collection Prof. Madelaine Sergant (1942 - 2022), Belgium from which acquired by the present owner - Very minor traces of age