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Lot 460

Bondy, Walter

Estimated Value:

25.000 € - 35.000 €


20.463 €


Prag, 1880 - Toulon, 1940
173 x 98 cm, R.
Elegant young man with walking stick and greyhound, 1909. Oil on canvas. Monogrammed and dated.
The Neo-Impressionist painting offered here was created in 1909 after Walter Bondy discovered two paintings by Vincent Van Gogh in 1908 in the possession of an innkeeper in Meulan and was able to buy them from him. The painting style of Van Gogh's pictures is also unmistakable in this painting. Bondy was also an enthusiastic exponent of the important French Impressionists, especially August Renoir and Henri Matisse, whose style of painting was very much in keeping with his own ideas.
Studio of the artist.
Family of the artist.
Art dealer, Berlin.
Private collection, Saarbrücken.
The painting was probably included in the exhibition "Young French Artists" at the Galerie Thannhauser, Munich, in 1910/1911.