Past Auction:

806 | Modern & Contemporary Art, Design

Date of auction: 13.07.2022

Auction house Nagel
Neckarstraße 189 – 191
D – 70190 Stuttgart

09. – 12. Juni 2022, 10 – 17

Auction house Nagel

Neckarstraße 189 – 191

D – 70190 Stuttgart

Please note that the lots marked with the symbol “Y” are subject to CITES restrictions if they are to be exported from the EU.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear customers and friends of Nagel Auctions, all auctions conducted by NAGEL AUKTIONEN are auctions open to the public, to which the regulations on the sale of consumer goods do not apply. Used goods are auctioned, on which the warranty is limited to one year.

  1. There are no statements about authenticity, age, authenticity, condition, etc., which go beyond the catalog text.
  2. A personal tour of the objects is strongly recommended.
  3. All pieces are auctioned without any warranty. Complaints are excluded.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you every success. Your team at Nagel Auctions. I have taken note of this information and would like to go to the catalogues.

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<b>Lepère, Auguste</b>
<b>Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig</b>
<b>Manguin, Henri</b>
<b>Vlaminck, Maurice de</b>
<b>Vertès, Marcel</b>

Lot *36

Vertès, Marcel

<b>Adler, Jankel</b>

Lot 38

Adler, Jankel

<b>Hoerle, Heinrich</b>
<b>Matisse, Henri</b>
<b>Maillol, Aristide</b>
<b>Weinhold, Kurt</b>
<b>Degas, Edgar</b>

Lot 55

Degas, Edgar

<b>Hofer, Karl</b>

Lot 57

Hofer, Karl

<b>Cavael, Rolf</b>

Lot 60

Cavael, Rolf

<b>Braque, Georges</b>
<b>Laurens, Henri</b>

Lot *68

Laurens, Henri

<b>Das Gupta, Prodosh</b>
<b>Hofer, Karl</b>

Lot 70

Hofer, Karl

<b>Werner, Theodor</b>
<b>Hartung, Hans</b>

Lot 101

Hartung, Hans

<b>Brus, Günter</b>

Lot 102

Brus, Günter

<b>Mangold, Robert</b>

Lot 121

Mangold, Robert

<b>Fußmann, Klaus</b>

Lot 128

Fußmann, Klaus

<b>Hirsch, Karl-Georg, Rolf Münzner and Rainer Herold</b>
<b>Siepmann, Heinrich</b>
<b>Behm, Rolf</b>

Lot 143

Behm, Rolf

<b>Warhol, Andy</b>

Lot 146

Warhol, Andy

<b>Francis, Sam</b>

Lot 147

Francis, Sam

<b>Dreher, Peter</b>

Lot 150

Dreher, Peter

<b>Kostabi, Mark</b>

Lot 161

Kostabi, Mark

<b>Jackiewicz, Wladyslaw</b>
<b>Baldessari, John</b>
<b>Enzweiler, Jo</b>

Lot 180

Enzweiler, Jo

<b>Gelbert, Ralph</b>

Lot 181

Gelbert, Ralph

<b>McGraw, Christopher</b>
<b>McGraw, Christopher</b>
<b>Kraijer, Juul</b>

Lot 198

Kraijer, Juul

<b>Palmer, Andrew</b>

Lot 204

Palmer, Andrew

<b>Vautier, Ben</b>

Lot 207

Vautier, Ben

<b>Eames, Charles und Ray</b>
<b>Bellin, Mario</b>

Lot 220

Bellin, Mario

<b>Habermann, Hugo Freiherr von</b>
<b>Lambert, André</b>

Lot 230

Lambert, André

<b>Weinhold, Kurt</b>

Lot 251

Weinhold, Kurt

<b>S. Hilz (?)</b>

Lot 253

S. Hilz (?)

<b>Peiffer Watenphul, Max</b>
<b>Hoflehner, Rudolf</b>
<b>Ubac, Raoul</b>

Lot 284

Ubac, Raoul

<b>Ubac, Raoul</b>

Lot 285

Ubac, Raoul

<b>Ubac, Raoul</b>

Lot 286

Ubac, Raoul

<b>Ubac, Raoul</b>

Lot 287

Ubac, Raoul

<b>Bodenseh, Rolf</b>

Lot *288

Bodenseh, Rolf

<b>Nay, Ernst Wilhelm</b>
<b>Nickel, Uwe</b>

Lot *306

Nickel, Uwe

<b>Foerster, Heidi</b>

Lot 315

Foerster, Heidi

<b>Thomkins, André</b>
<b>Simbari, Nicola</b>

Lot *336

Simbari, Nicola

<b>Claus, Carlfriedrich</b>
<b>Bücheler, Waltraud</b>
<b>Riederer, Henriette</b>
<b>Herberg, A. (?)</b>

Lot *347

Herberg, A. (?)

<b>Störtenbecker, Nikolaus</b>
<b>Reinhardt, Christiane</b>
<b>Various aritsts</b>

Lot 373

Various aritsts

<b>Smejkal, Jan</b>

Lot *374

Smejkal, Jan

<b>Csonka, Georg</b>

Lot 380

Csonka, Georg

<b>Saura, Antonio</b>

Lot 383

Saura, Antonio

<b>Stoll, Artur</b>

Lot 384

Stoll, Artur

<b>Oehlen, Markus</b>

Lot 385

Oehlen, Markus

<b>Lersch, Martin</b>

Lot 386

Lersch, Martin

<b>Erkert-Moser, Magdalene</b>
<b>Meister, Klaus</b>

Lot 396

Meister, Klaus

<b>Filipovic, Andrea</b>
<b>Wintersberger, Lambert Maria</b>
<b>Schmitzenbaumer, Gabriele</b>
<b>Gonzélez-Torres, Félix</b>
<b>Groß, Friederike</b>
<b>Groß, Friederike</b>
<b>Poralla, Karl</b>

Lot *425

Poralla, Karl

<b>Schröder, Linn and Wols</b>
<b>Vries, Susanne de</b>
<b>Schneider, Gegor</b>
<b>Schur, Richard</b>

Lot 455

Schur, Richard

<b>May, Ruth</b>

Lot 457

May, Ruth

<b>Scheibitz, Thomas</b>
<b>Convolute: 11 graphic works and works on paper</b>
<b>Various artists</b>

Lot *472

Various artists