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China, ca. 17th ct.
26,6 x 221 cm
Blue and Green Landscape with Scholars, ink and colors on silk, mounted as handscroll. Signature by the artist at the end of the scroll: “Painted by Hengshan Wen Zhengming.” Two seals of the artist.
From an old southern German private collection, acquired between 1970 and 2002
Wen Zhengming, style name Hengshan, was from an old family of officials in Suzhou. He failed at the provincial examinations for ten times but was nevertheless appointed a daizhao in the Hanlin Academy at the Peking court. In 1527 he left the court after only four years of office and returned back to Suzhou devoting his life to painting and calligraphy. The pupil of Shen Zhou (1427-1509) he became the leader of the school of Literati painting. He was especially famous for his landscapes in the blue and green style after the masters of the Tang and Song dynasties. In the 17th century this style became very popular again and countless imitations were produced in this manner. This scroll is a fine old work of that time with nice figures among the blue and green mountains depicting scholars visiting friends and sitting in boats playing the flute
Very minor damages due to age