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Lot *1838


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Gujarat or Rajasthan, ca. 18th c.
90 x 84,5 cm
The fabric painting depicts in great detail the topography of Jambudvīpa and the ring-shaped oceans and land masses. The outermost edge is formed by a surrounding border that symbolises both a mountain range and the outer boundary of the world inhabited by humans. Shrines are marked at the four corners, in which empty thrones stand as auspicious symbols, each flanked by two adorants with fronds; placed above each is a shrine with a jina. Further shrines with jinas as well as emblem-like picture surfaces in the form of a stepped rhombus with a royal couple mark important points on the two outer ring continents. The painting style of the jinas in the shrines is stylistically oriented towards the so-called West Indian style, which is known from manuscript painting.
From an important private collection in northern Germany, collected mainly in India from the early 1950s until the 1980s