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China, Yao/Mien culture, Qing dynasty, 19th c.
je ca. 114 x 43 cm (132 x 60,5 cm R.)
Pigments on paper, scroll, framed behind glass. Depicted are the Pantheon of Gods (Heng Fei/Hang Si, The Full Altar or The Administration), Ton Hoi Fan (Xiao Tang Hai Fan, The Sea Banner, Minor Altar) and Tang Yun-sueui (Deng Yuanshuai, Marshal Teng). On the back each an inscription with the name of the figure or scene.
Formerly from a German private collection, acquired before 2007 - Usual damaged due to age, creased, part. wear - Cf. Jacques Lemoine: Yao Ceremonial Paintings. Bangkok, 1982: pp. 46-49, 83-84, 115-122, 125-130
Such ceremonial painting is attributed to the Yao or Mien minority culture in southern and southwestern China, northern Vietnam and other neighboring regions such as Laos, Maynmar, Thailand. These three paintings may be from a complete series of 17 (or 18, 19) images. They were commissioned by Taoist priests and used as a communication channel to the gods during ritual ceremonies