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Lot 103


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1.500 € - 2.500 €


4.273 € incl. Premium and VAT


Tibeto-Chinese, ca. 19th c.
H. 21 cm (25,5 cm m. S,)
Standing in pratyalidhasana on a separate cast base composed of an elephant reclining on the lotus base, its trunk curling over the base, his six arms radiating around his body, the hands holding karttrika, damaru, elephant-skin, originally the pasha and a blood-filled kapala, wearing tiger-skin skirt, scarf floating around his shoulders, snake-mala, bejewelled, his face displaying a wrathful expression showing protruding eyes below bushy eyebrows, open mouth with a double row of teeth and fangs, elongated earlobes with ear ornaments and his red coloured flaming hairdo secured with a tiara set to the front with skulls issuing pearled tassels, unsealed.
German private collection, assembled before 2007 - Wear, some attributes lost