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Lot 681


Estimated Value:

2.000 € - 3.000 €


2.800 €


Nazca, early intermediate period, c. 100 BC - AD 700.
24 x 36/ L. 52 cm (ohne Kordel) x 14/ 60 x 15 cm
Rectangular decorative trim. The smaller upper part consists of a dark brown wool fabric. This is followed by a feather fabric, the centre of which forms a bright yellow eye-catching rectangle, framed at the top and bottom by continuous bands of orange feathers, each connected by two blue stripes interrupted by orange, thus harmonising in colour with the continuous ones at the top and bottom. Mounted in a recessed frame on a black ground behind glass. Similar wide ribbon-like feather fabric as the previous no., each provided with a pair of binding cords; one cord is missing on one side. The decoration is geometric in nature: two raised rectangles with greenish feathers on the outside, the central motif consists of a rectangle with yellow feathers surrounded by reddish feathers. It is broken up by a line of green feathers corresponding with the two outer sections. Elongated feather fabric, probably worn as a headdress or apron. The exotic feathers motif depicts two highly stylised animal figures? hurrying towards each other. The head is highlighted by green feathers, the body by blue ones and the eye area by red dots on a light yellow and orange feather background. Representative in a recessed frame on a black ground.
Important Bavarian private collection, acquired at Ketterer, 28.6.1991, lots 446, 448 and 449 - Traces of age, minor damages and rest.