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Lot 696


Estimated Value:

3.000 € - 5.000 €



Japan, 18th c.
24 x 21 und 17,7 x 17,6 cm
Album with a total of 106 pages with shikishi, the first 72 consisting of poetry leaves with poet's names followed by a poet's portrait, these most likely from the anthology "Hyakunin isshu" (One Hundred Immortal Poets), pp. 75 to 84 with poetry leaves with poet's names, each with a kiwamefuda attributing the leaf to a particular calligrapher, and pp. 85 to 106 with larger poetry leaves with poet's names. Handwritten table of contents in English with transcription of all poet's names pasted in front of first page, poet's names also in handwritten transcription pasted on each page. Blank pages. Ink and light colours on paper with designs in gold painting. Brocade-covered boards, reverse of boards painted with clematis tendril and autumn grasses respectively in colours on gold-painted silk. Accompanied by various calligraphers. 12 small shikishi with waka poems. Ink on silk with small patterns in gold. Accompanying paper strip (kiwamefuda) with attribution to a calligrapher by the appraiser Hatakeyama Gyuan III (seal Zuidô). Enclosed are cloth-covered album covers of two albums without contents.
From an important Bavarian private collection, acquired before 2007
With paper certificates of authentication (kiwame fuda) by Hatakeyama Gyuan III. Zuidô 畠山牛庵 (3代) 随道.