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Lot Y*1197


Estimated Value:

8.000 € - 12.000 €


incl. Premium and VAT


Japan, early Edo period
L. 192 cm
A vaulted board zither consisting of paulownia wood, ivory and strings made of yarn. The flanks "beach"(iso) decorated in gold lacquer with flowering cherry trees, flying herons, turtles in water and landscapes with various plants. One End "dragon's tongue "(ryuuzetsu) with a painted dragon under tortoiseshell in a geometrically inlaid frame, the other "dragon's tail" (ryuhi) in corresponding mannor, with depictions of man and woman.The zither (koto) includes 13 bridges (ji) with ivory and a wooden case with metal fasteners - Playing the koto was part of the traditional education of young women; the instrument was part of the trousseau. The name “Tora” origins in the wooden pattern under the strings, which resembles the fur of a tiger (tora).
Formerly from a South German private collection, acquired in the 1980s - The EU trade certificate for the sale of this lot is available